With few edits here is the last artist statement I wrote.  Please feel free to edit this one or submit your own artist statement about me.

The current evolution of humanity’s unintended, self-inflicted obsession with death and dying (or rather not dying) adjacent to its rushed scramble to make a mark (by undoing marks) before a self-described doom creates a gory setting for an observer to conduct an investigation.  Passing through this world as if a ghost allows for a disengaged romance; in this sense, the artist describes a scenario where existence is his displaced wife and the love letters shared creates a visual sensation of the juxtaposition of the beautiful and the grotesque, confidence and humiliation, power and weakness could destroy either party.


The letters themselves are not propagated toward change nor are they a longing for something lost.  They are letters that beacon a speedy release often times illustrating shadowy prototypes for utopia which lack blueprints or direction.  The script is continually matched with answers describing something in a sober terror.


Although his personal work is the driving force of communication in this way, Beamesderfer is an illustrator with a general need to create.  Having completed projects in advertisements, branding, album and t-shirt design, promotions, sculpture, performance, tattoos,  and web-based projects he takes on most projects, especially if there is something he can gain from the experience of creating, i.e. knowledge, exposure, and experence.


You made it through that?  Chin up.


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