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For a while I’ve been interested in this form of collaging.  This is some of the most recent work.  I’m still very much at the experimental stage, which is always a good place to be.  The possibilities seem endless right now but its still difficult to know what works and what gets trashed.  These seem …

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Actually they’re going to be for sale at Liberties Parcel.  Send them an email at if you would like one or more of these schnazzy prints of postmen of pop culture.  Is Mr. McFeely still alive?  I have no clue.  But why use Google when you can email the guys at Liberties Parcel?  They know everything mail related.  And drinking related.  And Phillies… these are knowledgeable dudes is what I’m saying.

Hello internet.    Don't recognize me off the usual social networking sites?  That's because I am coming to you through my own Wordpress site.  And I know what your'e thinking, "Its about time isn't it?"  Yes, we know one another so well, don't we? Well here is my contribution to your surreal inter-connecting of facts, ideas, and personal information you've been so kind to have shared with me.  Now let us hold one another in a sweaty embrace of circuitry and brain stem.  This is our future together, just please, be gentle with me. As this is my first post, I would like to heed warning, there will be some scattered thoughts and older pieces that I'll begin posting perhaps seemingly at times on a tangent.  I'll begin bold though: Going Postal: The idea of this series never actually came to me.  I think it just happened like flatulence.